Monday, March 17, 2008

Dodging Bodies at the Beach and Casa Aurora

The vacationers have clearly arrived in Chacala. I still have been walking the beach but it's a bit of an obstacle course. I am the only gringa there it seems. I'm pretty tanned now so I fit in. I guess everyone else went home or they are hiding out in their casas.

I'm settled in at Casa Aurora's now and it's a perfect place to spend my last few days. It's very relaxing here and the view is gorgeous. The patio is a little piece of heaven. It's situated above the town so I can sit and look out and hear all of the action in a peaceful space. I am so lucky. I'm on an upper floor for the first time and the breeze up here makes things a little cooler. Almost too cool. Today is was frio! I think just in the low 70's but it was overcast and breezy so it felt quite cool. Last night it was really cool. I wore my hoodie and warm pants to bed and used the extra blanket. It's cool again tonight too. I feel kind of sorry for the people down on the beach camping as they probably planned their vacations for months and now it is unseasonably cool. This is a totally open air space except for the bedroom and bathroom. There are screens on the open windows but no windows. (Know what I mean?) At one time I don't think there were screens at all. I think they just put them up for the touristas.

There are no vacancies now. I took this picture yesterday.

Here's my view from the patio and a few pics of the inside. I love my little cocina (kitchen) ...

There are three rental units here and Aurora and her family live in a separate unit, right below me. That's my patio above. Isn't is amazing?

And here's the one that shows the whole property. There's a unit on the main floor and one above on the right. I walk up a set of stairs entering between the two buildings around the back. I will have to spend more time here on another trip. I'd like to support the "Techos de Mexico" program fully next time, now that I know more about it. The plants are so well cared for. It's easy to grow things here. Just plant and water. And Aurora is a sweetie.

The noise from the disco last night was deafening. I woke up several times in the night and suddenly remembered I had brought ear plugs! After 2 am or so, I finally fell asleep and they were still going. I can't believe this is the same Chacala. It's 7:30 pm and they have started again but it sounds like a live band tonight with lots of brass instruments. Kind of almost like "oom-pa-pa" music like you would here at Oktoberfest. I'm liking the sound of it and may wander down there later just to check out the action. The whole town is alive with sounds and sights. It's kind of exciting ... just so different than what I have been used to.

I bought some fresh camarones (shrimp) today and will be cooking them up soon with some homemade salsa. I found a great little stand at the beach that sells jikema, which is quickly becoming my favourite fruit. They insist on putting that hot sauce on it but I just order it with lime and no mas (no more). I am going to try to smuggle some home in my suitcase. When it's cut up into slices, it doesn't take up too much room. Here's where I bought some today ...

I told that boy to say "queso" (cheese) ... and he did!

And low and behold, I do have a wireless connection at Aurora's. I asked her today because I tried to get online and it showed there was a network but I needed the password. She gave me the password later today. I went over to Kate and Luiz's Casa Monarca this morning and used their rooftop but I won't need to be doing that now. I am still going over to take a family photo before I leave. Luiz gave me one of his original art pieces before I left. He used to paint and sell his art before he met Kate and had a family. How sweet that he gave me one. I have it hanging in my bedroom at Casa Aurora's. Here it is decorating my "clothes closet" .. It will be framed and hung when I get home.

I've moved around a lot since I've been here but I've enjoyed the different experiences I've had in each place. It takes at least a day to get set up and get your bearings each time though. I wake up that first morning thinking "ok, where am I now?" I've been having the most vivid dreams since I've been in Mexico. I've written them out in a dream journal. A lot of them are things that I am dealing with from the past. Freud would be fascinated, I am sure!

I was walking the quiet road today, and Pancho drove by in his truck and stopped to talk until the traffic got so busy behind him, he had to move. He will be in town for a few days so I hope to see him before I leave. He has a new job taking photos for a website so isn't doing the yoga anymore. Thanks for telling me Pancho. I went to the beach at 7 friggin am for 3 days!

It's camerone time amigos (I don't know why this suddenly showed up in italics but I think I will leave it just as it is.)

I am so hungry now ....

See ya at home. I miss my hija and hijo, Meagan and Ryan.

Buh bye for now......


Side note to the above: the music changed drastically since I wrote about the oom-pa-pa. It's back to the thumping disco music of last night. Where are those earplugs? :)


Anonymous said...

Haha what a funny post mommy! Casa Aurora's looks beautiful! Such a nice kitchen... but Monarca's bathroom took the trophy for sure ;)You are making such good connections.. I hope you can go back again...
Miss you!

Charmalita said...

Me too Megs .. me too. I don't want to come back to the snow! Yep, the bathroom at Monarca was the best, for sure.

Maggie said...

Looks a great place to stay in Chacala. I would have to visit when it was quiet I think.
It has been a great idea to document your time in Chacala to share with us all.
Please place a flower, for me, in the ocean to remember Andee, before you leave.
I enjoyed her words and photography so much.
Well who will write about Chacala when you leave?

Charmalita said...

Maggie ... I checked my email just before going to Chico's for my farewell fish dinner tonight and saw your comment. As I was leaving, I cut a stem of flowers from Aurora's balcony and tossed them into the ocean in front of Chico's, where Andee's ashes were placed. Thanks for the touching idea. It made the whole trip come full circle for me and you too. I would recommend Aurora's. I plan to stay here next trip for the duration. I hope you someday make it to Chacala. Everyone knows of Andee's blog here. All the tourists from the US and Canada that I met found out about Chacala from her blog. Amazing. I will write about Chacala again, when I make a return trip. Thanks for reading.