Friday, February 15, 2008

A Quiet Day in Chacala .... (Well Except For My Loud-Mouthed Buddy Here)

Today I took the collectivo into Las Varas with the intention of going to the market in La Penita but changed my mind when I got to the bus station. Whenever I travel to a different climate, I always have that day or two when I feel just a little "off". I felt a little woozy and decided I wasn't up for the trip today. I picked up a few groceries and went to the ATM and then headed back to the casa. I can always go next Thursday. I searched for quite a while to find a tienda that sells wine and was finally sucessful. I ended up with a bottle of red imported from Spain. It was about 800 pesos ($8 Cdn). They only had one kind, so we'll see. I had a little siesta when I got back. There's a couple of construction guys laying concrete across from my casa who leave the cd player on in their truck at full volume while they work. I like the Mexican music, don't get me wrong, I just don't like the volume. That's what woke me from my siesta. This music playing from trucks is very common but it makes for a lively atmosphere as you're wandering around town.
I walked down to the beach and immediately started to feel better. The weather is absolutely perfect. It's sunny and clear in the mid-80's with no humidity. There's just a slight warm breeze by the water. It just couldn't get any better. I haven't been sunburnt yet, thankfully. I'm using a 15 sunscreen but still getting quite brown. I'm surprised there aren't more people at the beach. I expected it to be busier. Not complaining though. There are mostly Mexican families out enjoying themselves and the snowbirds of course. There are no life guards at the beach like at home. The waves today were perfect body surfing waves. I think the tide is high in the afternoon. Being by the ocean has always been a source of energy for me. Better than anything I have found.

Early in my blog, before I arrived here, I explained the Joy Dancer workshop that is taking place in the unit behind me. Allan Hardman is Joy Dancer. You can look at his website at: Allan is a Toltec Master who studied under don Miguel Ruiz for 10 years. Miguel Ruiz is the author of "The Four Agreements". I read this book a few years ago and was impressed with its wisdom. Allen is conducting a Relationship Workshop this week, coinciding with Valentine's Day. I believe there are 10 participants, most from the US and one couple from BC. The owner of this casa told me about the workshop before I got here and encouraged me to attend. I didn't sign up for the workshop after all. I may sign up for a private counselling session before I leave though. The workshop ends tomorrow. There's been a class every morning from 9 am -noon and another session at night from 7-10. I met Allan and his partner Magda on my first day here. This is the brochure about the workshop which is posted outside of the casa. I hope you can read the words.

I expect to chat more with Allan and Magda next week when the workshop is over. It's kept them pretty busy. They asked me to take a group photo of them and I took the opportunity to take one for myself. Then Allan wanted me in one, so here it is. I look like I am wondering if I belong here or not ... since I didn't sign up ... but it was nice that he asked me to join in.

And here's one with Allan in the picture.

I got closer to where the tent sites are at the campground and had a really good look. I think these campsites are ... hands down .... the best I have seen anywhere! 40 pesos ($4 Cdn) a night! They would always be dry because it's not rainy season right now and the tent sites are even closer to the ocean than the trailer sites. What a great setup these guys had here ....

The waves would lullaby you to sleep here.

I made my salsa today. Earlier in the week I gathered the ingredients but wasn't sure what kind of pepper to buy because none of them are marked with a name and none of them are familiar. I asked the girl at the tienda in my odd broken Spanish way, "caliente? ... mucho mucho caliente?" (hot? very very hot?) to which she replied "pequeno" (a little). Coming from a native, I couldn't quite trust her judgement of what was very hot and what was a little hot. So I removed the seeds from the pepper before I added it to the salsa and did a taste test before I put the whole pepper in. Bueno! In went the rest of the pepper and it was delicious. I love the taste and aroma of cilantro. I put the salsa on some chicken and popped it into a fresh tortilla. Yum. I brought some dark chocolate with me from home and had a little of that for dessert with a cup of Manzanilla tea. This is the tea they sell here as regular tea but I think it's actually what we call chamomile at home.

My friend John who lives in Sayulita might come to visit this weekend or next weekend. He met me at the airport and rode in the taxi as far as Sayulita. He tutors there during the week so will try to get away when he's able to. I am looking forward to seeing him ... lots of catching up to do. John is from London but has lived down here for about 7 years now. Lucky him.

I can hear the waves at night but only when everything's quiet.
Buenos Noches and Happy Valentine's Day.

(I hope the photos are coming out ok. It's hard to tell on the screen here. )


Anonymous said...

Yah a picture of you!! :) I want to camp at that campsite! WOW! I've done a lot of camping but it's never been that nice...

Anonymous said...

Your pics are "picture perfect"!!!
I wonder how long it would take Bob and I to tow the trailer down to Chacala??? Love Mary

Charmaine said...

Ok the campers have spoken ... it's official ... the best damn campground on the planet!!