Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Settling In and Exploring

My second night at El Faro was a little more comfortable. I wasn't so much on scorpion alert. The roosters have an interesting way of communicating with each other. One will crow from far away and then the whole group near my window start to crow back in unison. The dude from far away must be really important or something. I wonder what they are saying? The dogs do much the same. They wander around in packs here. Very friendly though. Not a bit aggressive. They could care less if you walk by. They don't even look. There must be something about being able to run freely that makes them less protective. Like at home when you walk by a dog he's always barks at you if he's on his home turf. Here ... nada. They could use a good bath though. You sure can tell the difference between the Mex dogs and the US/Canadian dogs around here! The one down side of the dogs running freely is the no-pick-up-poo policy that's in effect. Yuck. Oh well, that's all part of the difference. I have been trying out some Spanish but the locals just look at me funny. I think I'm saying the wrong thing. Oh well, I try.

I walked around Chacala this morning and discovered the campground.

Now THIS is a campground! The picture doesn't really do it justice. I was thinking about my sister and her husband who have a trailer that they enjoy every summer and how they would love this place. It's right on the beach, has great toilet and shower facilities and a large outdoor picnic area which is covered with a palapa roof to cook in or just socialize. I think you can order food there too if you want. Just in front of where the trailers are parked is the beach. The waves are literally at your feet! If I was to camp, this would be the way to do it. There was tents set up along here as well. Everyone looked so relaxed around here. When Andee first came to Chacala, she camped here in a pup tent for the first few months. I believe she went back there off and on during her stay. I can see why now. It's a very cheap way to stay in paradise.

I took some photos of my casa this morning before heading out to the beach. I'm trying to make it my own with some homey touches. It was very clean when I arrived but I scrubbed down the kitchen and mopped the floors just because I'm like that. Now I know what germs land here are all mine. Here's how I set up my living room. I put that yellow cover on the coffee table because I detest glass top tables.

Those little speakers hook up to my iPod and it's been really wonderful to have my music with me. I was singing along with The Dixie Chicks in the shower this morning and dancing to Bob Marley in my kitchen. After my little shopping trip to Las Varas yesterday, I have some nice fruits and vegis. I plan on making some salsa in the next few days. The covered things on the plate in the foreground are fresh corn tortillas. Yum. They were warm when I bought them.

Below is where I sit and use my laptop. I am so glad I decided to bring this with me, not only to blog my journey, but also it gives me a connection to home since I don't have a cell phone. I have been able to hook onto Allan's (Joydancer's) wireless network who lives in the unit behind me. I have found I have to sit in this one spot and leave the back door open or I lose the connection. Some critters fly in but ... oh well. Not a hardship at all. I lose the connection quite often actually but it always comes back. The difference is ... I'm not in a hurry. Hurray. There is cable tv here, which is rare, but I haven't even turned it on yet! Maybe next week.

My bedroom overlooks the lovely patio where there's lots of beautiful flowering plants. I thought this shot from the window turned out nicely but you can't really see the patio.

It was a gorgeous beach day today. I went down about 2 pm and stayed for about 2 hours, got bored reading my Spanish book and decided to wander down the beach where not many people were. I found Mar de Jade, a spiritual retreat, that I had read about before I got here. Everyone there looked happy and relaxed on the beach. It is a gorgeous place but I didn't take any pictures. As I was walking along the beach, I noticed a lot of people gathering around at the shoreline looking out. I got very excited because I thought I was going to see some whales. Apparently this is the season to see them. It turned out to be a sea turtle washing up towards the shore. This guy was huge, at least 4 ft long. When I got closer, I realized he was muertos (dead.) I was going to post the pictures but I don't think you really want to see a dead sea turtle. Poor guy. I had a little giggle when I heard this woman walking away saying "well it's not like we killed him, he was already dead." People are funny. I think he got nabbed by something much bigger out there. Who knows?

I decided to go home and eat dinner before heading back for the sunset. The washrooms are clean at the casa and I have toilet paper! In Mexico, rule #1 is BYOTP. This scene caught my eye on the way home on the main street of Chacala. The older men seem to all wear these kinds of hats in Mexico.

After a dinner of leftover chicken quesidillas and a few Modelo cervezas (for good measure ... after all is was 5 o'clock) the sunset was calling. By the way, the sun sets at about the same time here as home, between 5:30 and 6:00 pm. I went to a different area of the beach to catch it from another angle. I saw this woman sitting alone in front of me who simply looked like she belonged there with her colourful cape and straw hat. I took her picture behind the sunset. I think this shot turned out a little out of focus but it adds to the serenity of the moment. I love this picture.

As the sun went down over Chacala, I realized that this woman was Linda who showed me to El Faro the day I was wandering homeless. I walked up to her and told her I had taken this picture and that I would send it to her email if she liked. She was so pleased because she didn't bring a camera. She is part of the relationship workshop which is taking place at Joydancer's behind my casa. She's from California and is actually Mexican but had never been to Mexico. She learned Spanish from her parents and is fluent. I asked her if I could take a close up picture and she was more than happy to oblige. The little dog's tail you see is an American/Canadian breed but I don't know where his owners were. He took a liking to Linda that's for sure. So here is lovely Linda.

Well, the dogs and the roosters are quiet and it's time to call it a Mexican day. I'm grateful for every moment here. Manana ... I'm thinking of taking the bus to La Penita to the large outdoor market. I read about it before I came and a lot of people around here say it's good, lots of local colour. I think I will buy a straw hat.

Adios and Buenos Noches for now amigas and amigos ...



Anonymous said...

Your little Casa looks like "Home Sweet Home"
Please ask a local to take a picture of you in your new straw bonnet...we'd like that.
And maybe you should HOWL like a wolf at those roosters and they will go ...XO

Charmaine said...

I love the comment but who are you? :)

Anonymous said...

Mom I love your casa!! It is sooo lovely.. it looks so cozy :) I am so happy for you... ! Love Megs

Charmaine said...

Si little Chica ... it's the coziest little casa in Chacala :)

Anonymous said...

The "Home sweet home" comment" came from your Sister in frozen St. Catharines....XO...Mary