Sunday, January 27, 2008

I Know They Mean Well

As my departure date draws closer, I am hearing the concern in some of my friends and family's voices. Things such as "you will be keeping in touch, I hope" and "will you be safe on the buses there?" and "you know, people simply disappear and are never heard from again when they do things like this." Or I see the look of horror of some people's faces when I tell them about my trip. People who would never leave a resort in Mexico for any reason. Yes, it is true. Mexico has had some very bad press in the last few years. Like the couple who were killed at a Cancun resort. Or the young man who was killed in a hit and run accident. And of course, the couple from Grand Bend who were walking home from dinner and the wife was hit by a car and killed. Yes, all true stories. My heart goes out to these people's families. But are people not murdered in London, Ont? Are people not hit by cars on Wellington Road, a block from my home? This will be my third visit to this area in 2 years. The native Mexicans I encountered were all very kind and friendly and would go out of their way to help me. I am going to a remote place, where most of the people live a very simple life and they all strike me as good family people. I can honestly say that I have felt more threatened walking in any large centre at night here in Canada. Of course I will be taking normal precautions to protect my safety, just as I do at home. As far as I know, there are very few violent crimes where I am going. There are some robberies but that could happen anywhere. I will have a phone card and will phone home on a regular basis. I will also communiciate by email from the internet cafes. I understand it is the fear of the unknown that people are feeling. And their concern touches me. I just wanted to post to everyone not to worry about me. I know I am going to a safe place. I have spoken about my friend Andee from Chacala. Let me tell you a little story about her. She moved to Chacala with just a tent and a sleeping bag and camped on the beach for many months before she found a house to live in. In fact, she often said that she preferred the camping, but that it became a little uncomfortable. She was a woman on her own. I have never heard her speak about any trouble she had with anyone there. I read a book called "Midlife Mavericks - Women Re-inventing Their Lives in Mexico" (Karen Blue) which inspired me to try this. Karen interviewed many women who have made Mexico their home and I can't remember one story that was negative in any way. So just to alleviate everyone's fears, I will be ok. I wouldn't be doing this if I felt in any way threatened. I think most of you know me well enough to know that. I do appreciate your concern. It might be appropriate to mention one fear I do have about this trip. SCORPIONS! I have never encountered one yet, but they are lurking around. I know to shake my bedsheets out every night before I get in and to check my shoes in the morning before I put them on. If I do have the misfortune of getting bit by one, contrary to popular belief, I will not die. And there are good medical facilities in Las Varas. Let's hope they stay away!
Peace and light,



Maggie said...

I have been reading Andee's blog for a while and like you I would feel quite safe in Chacala. Andee gave people a sense of trust and confidence and like you I would feel quite confident in staying there. I shall kook forward to reading about your trip. I live in South Australia so it is unlikely that I shall ever travel to that region, so I shall enjoy and look forward to your adventure.

Charmalita said...

Thank you Maggie. Reading Andee's blog gave me a comfortable familiarity with Chacala. It's nice that you have felt that too through her spirit.

Anonymous said...

My dear Charm,
I was not the least bit worried about you till I read "Iknow they mean well"...and then I started to wonder, however after thinking and talking to you I'm once again satisfied and confident in your judgement.You are carful and you have a great 6th sense about danger and I know you'll use it.
With love
Your Big Sister XO