Sunday, January 27, 2008


In May of 2007, I visited my friend John in Sayulita, and he took me to Carricitos beach shown here. It was about a half hour walk from town and the main beach, along a dusty winding road. Carricitos has a natural beauty that was missing from the main beach where all the surfers and the tourists went. What a gem he had found. We walked all around this beach, climbing rocks and peering into the water for sea creatures. We stood in front of the rock where the waves are crashing and I noticed hundreds of little crabs resting there on the rock, some moving, some just basking in the sun. They were well hidden as they took on the colour of the rock but it was their movement that suddenly caught my eye. I watched them for a long time. As I stood there, watching the crabs, feeling the mist of the crashing waves, and enjoying the warmth of the sun, the power of this place brought tears to my eyes. We stayed there until sunset. The sunsets in Mexico are quite different than here. I love a Lake Huron sunset, don't get me wrong; they are beautiful in their own right. It must have something to do with being closer to the equator. You have to be alert and watching every minute because as the sun sets it turns into a bright orange ball seemingly floating on the water, and then suddenly it disappears into the horizon so quickly that if you turn your head, you miss it. Here's what the sunset looked like that day, before it turned bright orange. The rocks were over to the right.

Carricitos will always be a special place for me. I plan to return there this trip.

I neglected to mention the exact location of Chacala in my previous posts. Chacala is about 2 hours north of Sayulita on the same glorious coast. I can easily travel to Sayulita by bus along Hwy 200. I am looking forward to this journey. I had originally planned on staying in La Penita but my plans changed. There's an open market in La Penita every Thursday which I will be taking in during my stay. It is renowned in the area and locals travel there each week to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables. So I will get to see La Penita after all.

I'm getting very excited now. Two weeks tomorrow I leave for Mexico.

I did receive a very welcoming email from Allan (Joy Dancer), the Toltec master who lives at El Faro. I am still considering joining the "Relationship Workshop" for Valentine's week, but haven't decided for sure yet. It might be too overwhelming since I arrive only the day before.

I will be taking a private taxi from the airport with Trini. My blogger friend Andee helped me make this connection before she passed away. Trini has been reading my blog here and seems very sweet. She has lived in Chacala all of her life and also teaches Spanish. I know I will feel comfortable in her company and I will get to know another resident of Chacala which will be good for me when I arrive.

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